In Press - King's Treat
Surajgarh Fort, Shekhawati, Rajasthan

Kangra group
In Press - King's Treat

From a secret in Saddam's palace to being jealously guarded from daughters, the royal recipes of the erstwhile state of Sailana could have triggered wars in the past, says JAYITA BANDYOPADHYAY. Photos by PRADEEP GAUR.
"Sailana Food Festival at Surajgarh" Darpan Magazine (the in-flight magazine of Indian Airlines & Air India) covered Sailana Food Festival at Surajgarh.

For the cacophonous brood of royal cousins darting through the labyrinthine corridors of the palace in Sailana, a former princely state in Madhya Pradesh, the one room that inexplicably remained locked was a source of much curiosity. It hid many ghostly tales and an iron trunk with its coded lock.